The Last Supper (Hindu God Version): Print Available

This manipulation portrays Lord Ganesha offering His favourite food Modak/ Mothagam to His family & the Trimurthis


Featuring me and my wife on Harley Davidson bike

Honey "Moon"

Me and my wife staring at the moon

Veera Vinayaka Vetri Vinayaka

Night scenery whereby I discovered the hidden statue of Lord Ganesha

The Jungle Book

Me as Mowgli staring at Bagheera

Thankful for the Universe

Felt so grateful for what I have around me

Sun Wukong

Me as Sun Wukong

Lord Hanuman

Me as Lord Hanuman

Goodnight World

Just me staring at the earth

The Lost Statue of Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva at one of the unknown island

Star Wars

It's me together with R2D2 and C3PO at one of land of war

I wish I was a Superhero

Me wishing to have my very own cape